Leadership and team development 

for the next generation of leaders

Getting great results

We meet you where you are and work with you so you move to where you want to be...

We build bespoke programmes and team events to meet organisational needs; we work in partnership to ensure programmes and team events are designed to achieve sustained change for both participants and the business.

We make the most of your needs

First and foremost, we focus on you, helping you to make changes and achieve results for you and your organisation. We ensure programmes are designed to make the most of your time, bring a fresh and challenging way for participants to discover their inner talents and provide participants with a personal development experience they will never forget. The core foundation of work today involves relating to other people and achieving success with or through them. Many of us assume that others will react to situations as we would ourselves and we therefore treat them as we would want to be treated. Developing behavioural flexibility and harnessing this in the most effective way is the key ingredient to achieving business results.

The advantage of investing in your leadership development today is that we know so much about human behaviour. We work with companies and participants globally from a wide range of industry sectors and business functions at all levels, from managers early in their careers to senior executives.

Team development

Our Team Development Events equip Leaders and teams to:

  • Enhance understanding of how to lead teams and be part of a team

  • How to lead teams in different contexts; dispersed, virtual, management and international

  • Enhance awareness of how to behave as a leader and follower of teams

  • Build conflict management skills and create engagement

  • Build awareness of factors leading to derailment and how to avoid these

  • Understand personal values and their importance in leading teams

What we do

We deliver exceptional team building experiences which deliver powerful results; they are designed with purpose and are tailored to your people and business objectives.

We design fun and memorable events with a particular emphasis on Leadership communication, motivation, learning and performance related outcomes. We have an extensive portfolio of activities that are designed to deliver specific outcomes. We will create, design and deliver unique experiences that support client’s key messages, brand, culture and identity.

We invigorate your people to achieve great results whilst keeping them excited and inspired – helping them to work smarter to increase productivity and profitability.

We are passionate about

  • Listening and learning to understand your people and your business objectives

  • Challenging perceptions of team work and stimulating new insights

  • Motivating leaders and people to work better together

  • Creating a positive can do attitude

  • Providing tangible measurable results that make a positive difference

Leadership development

Our Leadership Development programmes equip leaders to:

  • Take a different view and understand the difference that makes a difference in their life and be able to put these insights into practice

  • Learn how to achieve enhanced results through and with people and be more effective in their business context

  • Be nourished and better able to give to others and cope with the demands of business life

  • Understand something better by developing a different level of insight about it

  • Repeat or refine their performance following expert performers

  • Achieve a specific result in an optimum way

  • Extract or formalise a process in one context and apply it to another

  • Be inspired

What’s Our Approach?

There is much research to show that employees are happier and more engaged in companies where there is strong leadership and naturally, stock prices in “well-led” companies significantly outperforms those without.

We are passionate about helping individuals and organisations tackle the complex challenges facing business and society today.

Our approach is to work in collaboration with clients to design transformational programmes that are delivered in an innovative and memorable way to meet participants' needs. We have an extensive range of knowledge, skills and experience that we draw upon and adapt in line with organisation´s requirements.

What are some of the General features of our Leadership Development?

We use accelerated learning techniques and JS-International's 5 step learning process™, which means that you learn in a fun, interactive and effective way. The benefit to you is that your learning is sustained and therefore you get the maximum return on your investment.

We work to inspire and invigorate global leaders and work with them to...

  • Unlocking their leadership potential

  • Developing their emotional, political and physical intelligence

  • Developing their skills and experiences

  • Creating an environment of support and challenge

  • Supporting their learning in a time efficient way by using technology

  • Enabling them to gain insights into their current behaviour

  • Developing their visionary leadership skills and Increasing their strategic impact

  • Developing their skills to lead and implement change


...So they can deliver great result and develop the next generation of business leaders.

Inspirational Events

We are passionate about creating and facilitating life changing events and exercises. We offer incredibly powerful tools like firewalking, arrow breaking and rebar bending, as well as the soul cleansing sweat lodge ceremony.

The firewalk, the arrow break and the rebar bend can easily be incorporated into larger events as one of the main exercises, or as a two to three hour workshop in their own right, especially tailored to your group's needs and desires.

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2022 Coaching & Mentoring Course

8/11-14/11 2020 • Module 1 - The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience

11/3-13/3 2021 • Module 2 - Performance management and coaching

10/6-12/6 2021 • Module 3 - Transcultural awareness and coaching

2/9-4/9 2021 • Module 4 - Personal development and coaching

25/11-27/11 2021 • Module 5 - Transitions and coaching

2022 NLP practitioner with Neuroscience

8/11-14/11 2020 The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience


We take a hybrid approach in delivering our programmes. We welcome those who can make it in person and those that cannot we will welcome and connect with using Zoom. Our programmes are held near Valetta, Malta, unless otherwise stated.

To find out more: 

Sally Jackson +356 9972 7552

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What our clients say: 

Unbelievable, life-changing experience on a truly professional programme.
A wonderful training experience by two masters.

Professional, inspirational, transformational!

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