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Executive coaching

Working with individuals and their organisations

Organisations in every sector face complexity and change at an increasingly rapid rate. Executive Coaching is a focused and effective way to help your executives meet the specific challenges they face.

Our Executive Coaching is highly tailored to the needs of the individual in the context of their organisation and delivered to professionally Accredited Standards.

Our coaches are carefully selected and meet accreditation standards expected by ICF (International Coaching Federation) or EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) – in addition, our coaches need to be able to demonstrate a combination of business experience, business consulting and coaching expertise.

What is Executive Coaching?

There has been an explosion of Coaches and Coaching Services on the market, Executive Coaching is increasingly seen as a significant way of contributing to an organisations change and management agenda. We would first like to clarify what we mean by coaching and then follow with some insights about the benefits of having coaching.

Tim Gallwey is largely credited with bringing coaching into the arena of business life. He started as a tennis coach and wrote a book called the "Inner Game of Tennis". He subsequently wrote The Inner Game of Golf and The Inner Game of Work. All of his books are extremely readable and useful. His definition of coaching embraces the empowering concept of teaching people to learn, rather than just simply teaching them and describes the Coaching process as follows:

“In every human endeavor there are two arenas of engagement: the outer and the inner. The outer game is played on an external arena to overcome external obstacles to reach an external goal. The inner game takes place within the mind of the player and is played against such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions. The inner game is played to overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potential.”

What is our approach?

We believe that you take your whole self to work. As such we do not simply call ourselves "Performance Coaches", focusing only on issues that affect work performance. We take a much broader or systemic view. We take into account that the factors that may be affecting someone's performance at work could be at many levels such as; the environment, the Coachee’s behaviour or that of others, their knowledge and skills, beliefs and values or even their concept of their own identity.

Although coaching principally involves advanced listening and questioning skills on behalf of the Coach, we also draw on a range of powerful and potent NLP techniques.

We offer two different ways to assist people in their endeavour to achieve personal transformations:

  • We conduct personal and Executive coaching face-to-face or by telephone sessions are designed to help people on an incremental and regular basis

  • Breakthrough Sessions, which are intensive face-to-face coaching sessions designed to support people with more in-depth solutions. Normally these sessions are once-off and of about 6-8 hour’s duration

At the onset, our primary focus is to establish a positive relationship between coach and client. We will work with you to clearly understand the goals and outcomes you want to achieve and how we will evaluate them. Together we define and agree the boundaries for our coaching relationship.

What is our philosophy?

We have an unshakeable belief in the potential of the individual and their capability to determine the solution for themselves. This is a generative, rather than remedial, approach to coaching. It is not only empowering, it is quicker and more effective. It also means that the individual will be more committed to the solution, rather than one that is suggested or imposed by someone.

Our vision is that by 2020 we will have positively influenced 20 million people in the world, either directly or indirectly. We aim to do this by training people to be world-class coaches and mentors that are sought after for their services throughout the world as they really make a difference to their clients.

Personal Transformation

How do we go about it?

At JS-International we conduct personal, executive level coaching in two different ways to assist people in their endeavour to achieve personal transformations.

You may want to receive some coaching to support you in achieving of your goals and help you create a different future for yourself. Examples of what other people have achieved as a result of coaching are:

  • Enhanced performance at work

  • Less stress in their life

  • Peace and balance

  • Enhanced personal relationships

  • Letting go of unresolved issues from the past

  • Gaining courage to start a new career

  • Enhanced sport's performance

  • Better family life

  • More rounded perspective on life

  • Realignment with the organisation and its goals

  • Compelling ideas

  • Enhanced capability to conduct challenging and leading edge work

  • Launching a new business

  • Being promoted

We bring our clients a unique combination of real life business and behavioural knowledge and expertise; our coaches are highly skilled at working with both the individual’s needs and the reality of the organisation.


Board level coaching

We have been coaching senior executives within the world’s top businesses for over a decade. Working at board level usually involves a huge workload, and there is rarely time to explore issues in depth. At this level, the number of people within the organisation to whom you can talk openly dramatically reduces – the issues are often just too sensitive. Who can you talk to, to help you reflect on key questions about future direction, the shape of your organisation, your leadership and how it translates into everyday action? How do you explore how you could lead more effectively?
We work with directors and chief executives on a totally confidential basis. Executives wrestle with complex issues; our focus is to work with you on the real concerns and issues you face. We focus on goals and outcomes to ensure there is a direct impact on the performance of both the executive and the organisation. Our senior executive coaches are experienced in working with a wide range of business issues, as well as helping individuals improve their effectiveness.

Transition coaching

Change is the one constant in life; it occurs at both a personal and organisational level and can often create uncertainty. The ability of leaders to respond with speed, adaptability and provide effective communication are critical to organisations. In business, leaders face a range of transitions; being promoted, taking on a new role or relocating, all of which present practical and emotional challenges. Leaders are more effective when they are able to pay attention to their own needs during the transition experience. Time to think through the implications of change for themselves, or think more creatively about how to deal with unforeseen difficulties, is inadvertently pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities. Our transition coaches, support senior managers as they tackle the complexities faced during transition. We provide a confidential space where challenge and support is offered to generate options with an emphasis on helping executives be more productive in a short time frame; the first 90 days. Our trans-cultural coaches bring experience of change at both the organisation and the personal level. Their expertise enables them to help executives reflect constructively on what they need to be more effective given the challenges faced.

Top talent coaching

Those businesses that have effective strategies for attracting, developing and retaining talent have greater business stability, lower turnover and higher productivity. Finding and holding onto talented people is critical and creates competitive advantage. The most talented people within your organisation are an asset to you, and potentially to your competitors. Helping them to prepare well for their next role is part of the process of ensuring that performance continues at an optimal level.
Offering executive coaching alongside a breadth of development experiences maximises learning and sends a clear message to individuals that you value them and are ready to support them through their transitions to being the leaders of the future. Our coaches can help your top talent to prepare themselves for their future roles.

Senior women coaching

A common challenge faced by professional women who have reached a senior level is developing a leadership style that allows them to command respect, yet remain authentic. Senior women do not have different development needs to men they often have different development contexts. Women remain under-represented at senior levels with few role models at their level or above, this may lead to feelings of isolation.
Coaching can provide support, objective challenge and encouragement to develop confidence, stamina, manage work relationships, improve communication, clarify goals and enable leaders and managers to further increase their effectiveness and confidence in the workplace. Coaching can also be particularly beneficial for women who hold senior management positions and want to move into board-level positions or for women returning to work after a career break.
Our coaches are experienced in supporting and challenging female managers to enable them to further increase their effectiveness and confidence in the workplace.

Executive team coaching

Senior leadership teams are arguably the most important in your business. They have the most power and their decisions have implications for everyone in the business as well as for the future of the business itself. Organisations are most effective when the teams accountable for the organisation’s success are fully effective. High performing teams are those in which all the relationships within the team work well and where all members have a clear focus and understanding of their goals and the needs of the business for which they are accountable. Good coaching helps a group move towards becoming a real team by surfacing the hidden dynamics so that they can be managed. The purpose of team coaching is to enable the team to hold higher quality conversations. Our senior coaches work with teams to help them to hold better quality conversations, from which better ideas, decisions and direction are achieved.

Coaching supervision

Coaching Supervision is an essential practice to maintain and grow the professional competence of individual coaches. It is a formal process of professional support that ensures continuing development of the coach and effectiveness of his/her coaching practice and involves interactive reflection, interpretive evaluation and the sharing of expertise. Our philosophy can be described as integrative, integrating different theoretical traditions, whilst being particularly influenced by the person-centered cognitive behavioural schools of thought. We subscribe to the development model of Supervision, honouring the responsibility of helping the Supervisee to see more than they previously could see from their work and assisting them to move to the next level in their personal and professional life, when the Supervisee chooses to do so.
We offer both individual supervision and group supervision.

Creating a coaching culture

We believe coaching is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways of developing individual and organisational performance by unlocking capability. The world of work is complex and constantly changing. Fast paced and high pressured, it places increasingly tough demands on employees throughout organisations. Consequently leaders and managers at all levels need a broad portfolio or management and leadership tools and techniques to do their job defectively. Coaching is a particularly powerful tool in the modern workplace. We are passionate about the results that coaching and mentoring can bring within organisations and have a wealth of experience in creating, embedding and sustaining coaching cultures which drive organisational performance and bottom line results.

Breakthrough coaching

The Breakthrough Sessions operates differently. Breakthrough Sessions provide a unique personal development and growth opportunity to make transformational changes within hours. They are an intensive face-to-face coaching session specifically designed and tailored to support people with more in-depth solutions. Normally these sessions are once-off and of about 6-8 hour’s. Our Approach to Breakthrough Sessions
If you require a Breakthrough Session or are interested in using this technique to help you resolve your issue(s), we will firstly discuss your needs by telephone or in person. Once we have concluded together that a Breakthrough Session would be best for you, we send you questions that you need to answer and return these to us before the Session starts. The session itself is extremely intensive and normally lasts for about 6-8 hours. At the beginning of the session we agree with you your desired outcomes and test that you have achieved these at the end. The technologies and techniques that we use are very advanced and in-depth and these sessions are not for the feint-hearted! The aim of the Breakthrough session is to identify and release the prime causes of self-limitation, dis-harmony and feelings of being ‘stuck’ and enables you to achieve the future you want. We use a wide range of techniques often with an emphasis on NLP.

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2022 Coaching & Mentoring Course

8/11-14/11 2020 • Module 1 - The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience

11/3-13/3 2021 • Module 2 - Performance management and coaching

10/6-12/6 2021 • Module 3 - Transcultural awareness and coaching

2/9-4/9 2021 • Module 4 - Personal development and coaching

25/11-27/11 2021 • Module 5 - Transitions and coaching

2022 NLP practitioner with Neuroscience

8/11-14/11 2020 The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience


We take a hybrid approach in delivering our programmes. We welcome those who can make it in person and those that cannot we will welcome and connect with using Zoom. Our programmes are held near Valetta, Malta, unless otherwise stated.

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