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Inspirational events at JS-International

meeting the challenge

At JS-International, we are dedicated to creating and facilitating life-changing events and exercises that leave a lasting impact. Our offerings include powerful tools such as firewalking, arrow breaking and rebar bending.


What is firewalking?

Firewalking is the ancient practice of walking barefoot across a bed of glowing embers or hot rocks, revered for millennia across various cultures worldwide for its empowering and healing properties.

Why firewalk?

Firewalking is a transformative experience that can profoundly affect the human psyche. It challenges participants to tap into their full potential and directs their mental energy towards desired outcomes. During our workshops, we guide individuals to break through barriers and achieve personal and collective goals, harnessing the transformative power of fire—the ultimate force of nature.

Arrow Breaking

What is an arrow break?

Arrow Breaking is a powerful exercise where participants place the point of a wooden arrow against the sterna notch of their throat and, through focused mental control, bend and snap the arrow in half without causing harm.

What’s the purpose?

Arrow Breaking is a testament to the mind's ability to overcome primal instincts. By mastering mental control techniques, participants break through self-imposed barriers, realizing their inner strength and transcending fears that once seemed insurmountable.

Rebar Bending

What is Rebar Bending?

Rebar bending, an evolution of arrow breaking, involves bending a 6'8"/2-meter long, 5/8"/10mm diameter steel reinforcement bar, typically used in construction.

What's the purpose?

Rebar bending is a powerful exercise that fosters alignment within groups, promoting commitment, cooperation, teamwork, and channelling creative energy towards collective goals. It serves as a tangible demonstration of the participants' ability to achieve lasting results through collaboration and determination.

Incorporating into Events

Both arrow breaking and rebar bending can be seamlessly integrated into larger events as main exercises or offered as standalone two to three-hour workshops tailored to the specific needs and desires of your group.

At JS-International, we believe in the transformative potential of these experiences and are committed to guiding individuals and teams on their journey towards personal and collective growth.

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2024 Personal Mastery in Coaching & Mentoring Course - Level 1

19/9-21/9 2024 • Module 1 - Coaching and Mentoring for Performance Management       

9/1-11/1 2025 • Module 2 - Transcultural Excellence in Coaching

20/3-22/3 2025 • Module 3 - Coaching for Personal Development


5/6-7/6 2025 • Module 4 - Coaching for Transitions

2024 Personal Mastery in Coaching & Mentoring Course - Level 2

24-30/11 2024 • Your personal development and the NLP and Neuroscience practitioner  


11-17/5 2025 • Your personal development and the NLP and Neuroscience practitioner  

4/7-6/7 2025 - Advanced coaching skills

2024 NLP practitioner with Neuroscience

19/5-25/5/2024 The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience


24/11-30/11 2024 The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience

2023 Mastery in Team Coaching

12/9-15/9 2024 - Foundations of team coaching excellence

12/12-15/12 2024 - Navigating Team Complexities

3/4-6/4 2025 - Applied Team Coaching Practice

Course Flyers

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Download our Coaching and Mentoring flyer (.pdf)

Download our Team Coaching  flyer (.pdf)

To find out more: 

Sally Jackson +350 5600 5968

What our clients say: 

Unbelievable, life-changing experience on a truly professional programme.
A wonderful training experience by two masters.

Professional, inspirational, transformational!

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