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Sally Jackson and Jan Versteeg

Jan Versteeg & Sally Jackson

Meet JS-International

Nearly a quarter of a century facilitating leadership and team development, Executive and Team Coaching and personal development.

What we offer

Team Coaching & Development

Building collaborative and collective mindsets

We see the coach as an external disruptor and thinking partner - critical to the success of the identified leadership teams. 

Team Coaching
Team High Five

Executive Coaching 

Being ready for change

Our Executive Coaching is highly tailored to the needs of the individual in the context of their organisation.

Exec Coaching Pic Sally

Accredited Coaching Training

The tools of transformation

Your next step in personal and professional growth

Remote Working
Coaching Training

Leadership Team Coaching Training

Building collaborative and collective mindsets

For leaders or aspiring team coaches looking to elevate your skills and make a meaningful impact on teams and organizations. 

Neurolinguistic Programming
Coaching Training

Leadership Development

For the next generation of leaders

We meet you where you are and work with you so you move to where you want to be.

Team Development
Team Coaching

NLP & Neuroscience

The tools of transformation

Your next step in personal and professional growth

NLP Neurolinguistic Programming
Coaching Training

360 Feedback Tool

Creating leadership awareness

A proprietary 360 degree feedback tool, Impact 360©, informed by years of working with thousands of leadership teams over the past 20 years. 

360 Feedback Tool
360 Feedback Tool

Inspirational Events

Meeting the challenge

We are passionate about creating and facilitating life-changing events and exercises. We offer incredibly powerful tools life fire-walking, arrow breaking and rebar bending.

Arrow Break Event
Company Logo

“As a senior leader I navigate through the dynamic and competitive telecom market. I recognize the importance of stimulating a diverse team spanning three generations. In this challenging environment, it is my belief that staying ahead requires continuous self and team development.

The Team Coaching training with JS-International has provided me with valuable insights that enable me to enhance my effectiveness by incorporating coaching elements into the daily management of my team. Post-training, my perspective on teamwork and organizational effectiveness has evolved significantly.

This training employs a highly effective learning approach within a small group setting, fostering many interactions and practical insights. Drawing from the experience among participants and the expertise of master coaches Jan and Sally, who bring years of mastery in team coaching, the programme has proven instrumental in shaping my leadership approach.”

Director of Marketing and Communication, Odido,
The Netherlands

Ahold Delhaize Logo

"Having participated on several of the amazing and life changing experiences created by Sally & Jan, this new team coaching course stands out for its pioneering approach, integrating theory and practice with the high touch learning environment I have come to appreciate from this dynamic duo.

I particularly appreciated the blend of participants from leaders aspiring to lead with a coaching style to coaches looking to broaden their tool kits. The hands-on coaching with real teams is a distinctive and invaluable component, which provided me with practical insights, feedback and reflection. Challenging, humbling, emotional, highs and lows and a lot of fun, this course will put you through the paces for what it takes to be a great coach for  your teams and clients.

Senior Vice President IR, 
Ahold Delhaize


2024 Personal Mastery in Coaching & Mentoring Course - Level 1

19/9-21/9 2024 • Module 1 - Coaching and Mentoring for Performance Management       

9/11-11/1 2025 • Module 2 - Transcultural Excellence in Coaching

20/3-22/3 2025 • Module 3 - Coaching for Personal Development


5/6-7/6 2025 • Module 4 - Coaching for Transitions

2024 Personal Mastery in Coaching & Mentoring Course - Level 2

24-30/11 2024 • Your personal development and the NLP and Neuroscience practitioner  


11-17/5 2025 • Your personal development and the NLP and Neuroscience practitioner  

4-6/7 2025 - Advanced coaching skills

2024 NLP practitioner with Neuroscience

19/5-25/5/2024 The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience

2023 Mastery in Team Coaching

21/9-23/9 2024 - Foundations of team coaching excellence

12/12-15/12 2024 - Navigating Team Complexities

3/4-6/4 2025 - Applied Team Coaching Practice

Course Flyers

Download our NLP flyer (.pdf)

Download our Coaching and Mentoring flyer (.pdf)

Download our Team Coaching  flyer (.pdf)

To find out more: 

Sally Jackson +350 5600 5968

What our clients say: 

Unbelievable, life-changing experience on a truly professional programme.
A wonderful training experience by two masters.

Professional, inspirational, transformational!

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JS-International has a registered office in Gibraltar. See our contact details at the bottom of every page.

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