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What our clients say
Quotes from our clients and participants

An amazing, life changing experience, I would wholly recommend JS-International to everyone. I was just sorry the week went so quickly; the location, course content and above all the coaches were fantastic.

Giovanna Grossi – Hotel and Restaurant Inspector

Sensational! I have enjoyed this training experience so much. It has been life changing on both a personal and professional level. Thank you Sally and Jan!


I've changed my perception of the world around me, so my life is in a different frame. I create, not react. Freedom, power and energy are always with me. I can do anything! Thank you for this transformation.


Professional, inspirational, transformational! Thank you for my accelerated, sustained increase in performance. It's going to be great doing business with you again and again and again.


What an amazing course, I learned so much and in the process it’s changed my life. Thanks so much!

Jenni Miller, HR Manager, Vodafone

You realise you've awakened something in me now which will forever continue. Many thanks for the best training I've ever had!


A wonderful training experience with two masters - The days flew by, which considering the length of them was surprising. I felt energised, informed, entertained and most importantly skilled by the time I finished the course.
Speaking as a true corporate beast: You talk my language, understand my needs and provided me with a real blue chip experience… thank you!

Jenny Copeland - Director

I arrived with high expectations, and was amazed and delighted by the power of this programme. Not only has it enhanced my coaching skills but it has had a real impact on me personally. It was well worth the investment.

Jane Upton - Consultant

I’ve known JS – International since 2010 when we started to work together on one of our major development projects – A development programme for the Executive team. Prior to starting to work with JS I had received excellent references which resulted in our first working interaction. I’ve had the pleasure to find a real partner, willing to understand our needs and provide the best solution. Sometimes the solution was easy to find, sometimes it took patience; always with curiosity to get the root of our needs and of course a high dose of creativity to come up with the best option.
JS’s extensive understanding of Vodafone’s varied contexts, previous experience in different companies and with different leadership levels made a great difference in terms of approach, mindset and the solutions provided. Their approach was a mixture of coaching for the solution and recommendations based on their past experiences. The solutions provided were transformational with a good balance between building on existing strengths, stretching us out of our comfort zone and making us aware of the things we really need to change.

If I were to describe our collaboration with Sally and Jan in just few words, I would chose: partnership, focus and relevance.

Veronica & Alexandra – Vodafone Romania

Unbelievable - life-changing experience and a truly professional programme. This is something that everyone has to experience both personally and professionally; as for Sally and Jan, what more can one ask for - Truly amazing!

Susan Hunter – Director

A magical journey, not what I expected at all. I'm not sure what I thought it was going to be and that's not important now. I have fresh resolve to chase and achieve my goals and dreams. Thank you!


I had the pleasure of working with Sally over a three-year period in different developmental contexts. When I was working in the area of Management Development for a major multinational, she and her partner at JS-International co-developed and delivered a major change program with us for the company line management (350+). The program was focused on leadership and coaching skills. I consider Sally to be an absolute expert in this field, with a rare capability to create instant trust with experienced & skilled managers and help them transform into better leaders and coaches. I also had the privilege to attend her NLP Master Practitioner training program in Spain. I truly enjoyed the amazing NLP experience she created for me and the group and can recommend her most highly as a trainer, coach and consultant.

Patricia Engels - Director

There are hundreds of NLP courses around the globe, and then there are the NLP courses that Jan and Sally run! The content may be largely the same; the difference that makes the difference is all in the delivery – genuine, authentic, challenging, fun and definitely life changing.

Nathalie Tarbuck, Director, Two Minds Ltd.

The journey has started and I have experienced the enormous potential I have within me. Breaking down the walls will help me to live my life at cause. Sally and Jan: thanks for initiating this in me.


This was a unique learning experience; it was not just about learning the techniques., it was clearly designed to facilitate our own change process. By being excellent role models and building tremendous trust in both the process and in ourselves. Sally & Jan, really made a difference. And now we will be able to also!

Cathleen Behrends – Chief Representative, Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG

Accredited by the International Coach Federation
Accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Members of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Members of the Time Line Therapy Association
Members of the American Board of Hypnotherapy


2020-2021 Coaching & Mentoring course
8/11-14/11 2020 • Module 1 - The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience
11/3-13/3 2021 • Module 2 - Performance management and coaching
10/6-12/6 2021 • Module 3 - Transcultural awareness and coaching
2/9-4/9 2021 • Module 4 - Personal development and coaching
25/11-27/11 2021 • Module 5 - Transitions and coaching

2020 NLP practitioner with Neuroscience
8/11-14/11 2020 The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience


We take a hybrid approach in delivering our programmes. We welcome those who can make it in person and those that cannot we will welcome and connect with using Zoom. Our programmes are held near Valetta, Malta, unless otherwise stated.

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What our clients say:

Unbelievable, life-changing experience on a truly professional programme.
A wonderful training experience by two masters.
Professional, inspirational, transformational!

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